Growth Hacking Training & Certification

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Digital marketing specialists are one of the top ten most high in-demand jobs. As a result, there are over 860,000 job openings for qualified digital marketers. This course will give you the skills to be a highly qualified digital marketer skilled in growth hacking. Not only will the certification differentiate you, but we will also help you connect with 20,000 brand growth hackers who are actively hiring and will help you get a job.




Learn what is growth hacking, how to have a growth hacking mindset, and how to create a growth hacking strategy.


Build A Foundation To Accelerate Growth

Learn how to document the customer journey and identify growth hacking opportunities.

4 Templates


Create High Converting Growth Funnels

Learn how to create high-converting sales funnels and playbooks. We will learn you how to hack your funnel and optimize your funnel and accelerate sales.

3 Templates | 1 Tech Lessons | 9 Playbooks


Content Creation Strategies

Learn how to create a content strategy and then create content that will accelerate the buyer's decision to buy.

1 Template | 2 Tech Lessons | 7 Playbooks


Growth Acquisition Strategies

Learn growth hacks to help you drive market awareness and get top-of-the-funnel leads.

7 Playbooks


Growth Retention Strategies

Learn growth strategies that will help you increase customer retention and further purchases.

7 Playbooks


Growth Referral Strategies

Learn hacks to get more customer referrals and that will help you turn your customers into brand advocates.

14 Playbooks


Don’t Target Everyone

Learn how to segment your market, create personas, and identify the total market opportunity per segment.

2 Templates | 2 Tech Lessons


Benchmark Your Growth

Learn how to benchmark your growth against other competitors and use growth hacking frameworks to identify opportunities.

3 Templates | 1 Tech Lessons


Accelerate Buying Decisions

Pitching your product no longer works. Learn how to get your prospects to lean in and give you permission to sell to them.  Learn hacks to help you engage your buyer.

4 Templates


Growth Hustling

Learn strategies that will help you hustle like a true growth hacker. Make growth hacking a part of your DNA and your company culture.

10 Playbooks


Growth Activation Strategies

Learn the best growth hacks to get your prospects to convert and learn a framework to help you come up with more activation hacks. 

8 Playbooks


Growth Revenue Strategies

Learn strategies that will help you grow your revenue and accelerate your pipeline.

11 Playbooks


Growth Optimization

Learn frameworks to monitor your growth hacks and embed growth hack optimization and experimentation into your culture.

2 Templates

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Weekly Lesson

Meet weekly to learn from growth hackers, review weekly lessons, and get help with growth hacking templates and frameworks.



Once you successfully complete the course and create a growth hacking portfolio you will get certified as a growth hacker.


Expert Events

Get invited to live training events and growth hacking conferences to continually learn about Growth Hacking.


Recruiting Assistance

Once you are certified we will send your resume and portfolio to our community of 20,000 brand growth hackers and help you find a job.

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“Steve is not only a great teacher, but he is a mentor. It takes mentors like Steve to become a professional. He takes marketing and sales to a whole new level. I have come with a marketing knowledge, but the things I have learned and the projects I have worked on have opened so many doors for me! One thing I love about how Steve is teaching is his ability to communicate and give constructive feedback and the fact that he has a ton of experience with marketing and sales! Marketing is constantly evolving, but the advantage of The Growth Hacker is that they use edge technology and a lot of resources to help you be successful.”

Andreea Baielli

Dell Technologies